Gloria Jeans Summer Drinks Launch {Pavilion} + 2 Cray Things


Happy Holidays everyone!

It is summer in South Africa and while we haven’t been having the best sunshine-filled week, you can still smell the sweet smell of vacation! I know that there are many people who are unable to take leave over this period and so it doesn’t really feel like a holiday – sorry loves! (I know how it feels ) but I know that as soon as you have some time off, you are going to be searching for the perfect place for a family outing.

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Rain Africa’s Christmas Collection {Launch}


Rain Africa has always had a soft spot in my heart and when I am invited to any of their events, you can be sure that I will definitely be attending.

Whilst I don’t celebrate Christmas, I am always eager to see what new products brands will be launching around this time and Rain Africa has come at us with a beautiful new range that isn’t just cruelty-free, but also pretty to look at and smells heavenly.  Continue reading

Rain Africa’s New Mother’s Day Range

Hello Lovelies,

Oh goodness, it seems like I have been away from this little home of mine for far too long! But I am back with this post just in time for Mother’s Day which is really just around the corner. If you have been wondering what to get your mum this year (because, really – she has you and you are the best gift ever), then keep on reading to hear about the lovely day spent with Rain Africa and the introduction of a beautiful new range that will be perfect for that lady in your life. Continue reading

Avroy Shlain Products {Review} + my week


Hello Everyone!

I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be back online and back at home too. I have been wanting to write this post for so long but it just didn’t happen! About two weeks ago , I felt ill and I knew it had to be the dreaded flu. I visited the dr and took the regular medication and jab but a week later it didn’t resolve itself , like it usually does. Instead I looked like death warmed up with my hoodie at work and a constant cough that actually caused me to have a muscle spasm. Continue reading